Remote Club Demonstration

From: £250.00 inc VAT

Using modern technology and custom designed visual aids, your club members will clearly see and hear Martin’s presentation in a lighthearted atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Your remote demonstration booking also include an experienced Zoom moderator for maximum ease on your part. Before booking, please make sure you read this detailed information page.

See below for more details and how to start the booking process.

If you are looking for Martin to visit your venue, click HERE

Timings * 

Please let me know your meeting and demonstration start and end times. If you are booking from overseas, please use your local time. I can work out the time difference from the address you give in your booking.

Co-Host Details * 

Your booking includes an experienced Zoom moderator but we would appreciate a co-host to supervise entry to the demo. This is preferably someone who knows the names of your club members. Please add their name and email address here.

Participants * 

Your demonstration includes up to 100 members and guests (participants). Please indicate below the numbers you are expecting.

Information Confirmation * 

You confirm that you have downloaded and read the information document. If not, Click HERE


What’s Included?

  • Before the Demonstration
        • Convenient online booking;
        • After confirmation, you’ll receive full and simple instructions for your club on joining the meeting using the services of;
        • If you have Participants joining from their homes, there will be easy instructions for them, too;
  • On the Day (Evening)
        • A two to three hour long professional demonstration for your club;
        • High Quality, High Definition cameras and crystal clear microphone.
        • An experienced Zoom moderator to look after the meeting, participants and their questions;
        • On-Screen graphic displays, clearly illustrating pertinent aspects of the presentation;
        • Access to the private Zoom meeting room for your club and guests (up to 100 participants);
        • Q&A at regular intervals throughout and at the end of the event;
  • After the Demonstration
        • Any prepared .pdf handouts will be emailed for your members to print off and keep;
        • Opportunities to send feedback about your experiences;
        • Easy payment options for bank transfer or card using ‘Stripe’. 

How To Book:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and read the Important Information;
  2. Select a Blue date in the calendar above by clicking it;
  3. Answer the questions below the calendar);
  4. Click on ‘Check Availability’;
  5. Check the details, the click ‘Proceed to Check Out‘ – you do not need to pay anything yet;
  6. Add your name and club details where prompted for the name and address:
    – Add your name as the club contact in the First and Last name boxes
    – Under Business Name, add your Club Name;
    – For the address, use the Club Meeting Venue address;
    – Agree to the terms and conditions, then;
  7. Click on ‘Request Confirmation‘.
  8. Your requested date will be checked and a confirmation of the date and further information will be sent to you. After that, you will receive all necessary emails and information automatically. If your preferred date is not available, Martin will be in touch to discuss alternative dates.


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