Getting Started: A Remote Beginners Woodturning Tool Guide

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In this free remote demonstration, I’ll be guiding beginner woodturners through the standard set of 6 tools in a woodturner’s arsenal by looking closely at each one and show you the absolute basics of what each tool does. Whilst not a lesson, this event will certainly give you a good insight into safe tool use and workshop safety as you start your woodturning journey.

Date: Thursday 28th May
Time: 7pm (UK), 8pm (EU) 2pm (ET), 11am(PT)
Length: 2 – 2.5 hours
Limited to 50.
See below for more information.

This presentation is aimed at beginners. If you are experienced in the correct use of woodturning tools, please do not book a space where a beginner would find it more beneficial. Thank you.

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By joining this remote demonstration, you will benefit from a leading professional multi camera set-up with high quality video, crystal clear audio and custom designed on-screen graphics to clearly illustrate the demonstration content. And, if you use a webcam and microphone or your smart phone or tablet device, you will have the opportunity to ask questions face-to-face with me, and see and interact with the other attendees. You will need to download and install the free software from onto your mobile device, table or desktop computer. You will also need a reasonable internet or 4G connection to get the best from the event.

Booking Process:

  • One place person can be booked simply by clicking the date in the calendar above,
  • Then select the time displayed directly below,
  • Add anything that you’d like to see shown in relation to the event subject and I will do my best to include it,
  • Click ‘Book Now’ and . . .
  • After completing the check-out process you will be sent a confirmation email with further information on what happens next.

On the Day

  • 10 minutes or so before the start time, click the link sent and you will be taken to the Zoom Waiting Room;
  • Important: Make sure you join the meeting using the name on your booking confirmation so I can check you off the list. Entrance will not be permitted to any name not on the list.
  • When everyone’s in, I’ll run through some simple housekeeping and then get going!;
  • Be On Time! The meeting will be locked 5 minutes after the start time.
  • I’ll stop regularly and ask if anyone has any questions throughout the demonstration, and at the end so I can get through as many as possible.
  • The demonstration may overrun depending on the number of questions asked, so please budget an extra 30 minutes after the published length.



8 reviews for Getting Started: A Remote Beginners Woodturning Tool Guide

  1. Simon Mason (verified owner)

    Really helpful tutorial, fully explaining the basics tools and their “correct” uses, with a chance to ask questions and watch demonstrations. Really enjoyed getting a professional guidance and advice.. looking forward to the next one.

  2. Nigel Oram (verified owner)

    Although I’m not a complete beginner, I’m nowhere near well experienced and so Martin’s demonstrations always give me that bit more useful information I can take away. In this particular demo, Martin explains the tools, the shapes of the cutting ends and how they are to be safely employed, all with the addition of useful on-screen graphics. He allows time for questions and goes the extra mile to be sure that the group get to see all relevant steps, even if it means his time on screen is extended. Using ZOOM is a good medium as it means things can be shown to Martin for him to comment on, or if you wish, a message can be sent as apposed to being on screen which some people may not be happy about. It also means that it can be kept lighthearted when appropriate. All together, a useful session and Martin presents in a very seasoned, professional manner

  3. Alison Oram (verified owner)

    I really found this demonstration useful and it was perfect for any beginners out there. The on screen graphics and explanations were very clear and what really helped was the use of several cameras covering different views, so that as the viewer it was easy to see exactly how the tool should be presented to the wood. The option of being able to ask questions throughout the demonstration was great and as it was aimed at beginners no one felt they couldn’t ask even a basic question. Martin was also very generous with his time and happy to answer as many questions as were asked at the end. Thanks for a great demo!

  4. Mr Andrew S Lauben-Pearson (verified owner)

    Hi Martin,
    Thank you for an excellent evening on the basic woodturning tool set.
    Your style of teaching made the whole evening very informative, serious where it needed to be in reference to the roughing gouge and very much lighthearted and funny banter with participants and with your moderator Phil joining in when necessary, made the whole thing easy to watch and learn.
    To be honest all of my knowledge on turning so far has come from you, after watching quite a few video’s and live sessions on your YouTube channel.
    Questions asked were answered I thought in a very concise way and came over in a non patronising manner.
    Did not realise how quickly it all went till you said goodbye, no idea it over ran.
    Can not wait till the Bowl Turning Evening on Tuesday 2nd June.
    One last thing I would like to say thank you for is giving your time to put these sessions on also including the live ones during this time of uncertainly going on in the world.

  5. Frank Faubert (verified owner)

    This seminar was fantastic. Thank you for taking an enormous amount of your time to present this to us. The content was excellent and your teaching style was such that I signed up for the bowl turning webinar as soon as I got the information. Thank you again for answering so many of my questions. I feel a lot more comfortable with my lathe now.


  6. Helen Bowstead Stallybrass

    What a great evening learning some of the basics about a few of the different basic tools in a really relaxed atmosphere. This along with other live demos has given me a lot more confidence about giving turning a go. I think the zoom medium was an ideal way to participate in this class in the current covid situation and gave everyone a chance to interact and ask questions. Well done!

  7. Michael Byrd (verified owner)

    Excellent demonstration. Great camera work and clear audio. I will be signing up for the next bowl demo. Thanks Martin

  8. laurence griffin (verified owner)

    Now I would be the first to admit I’m not the sharpest gouge on the shelf nor can I call myself a tuner (yet), but with this guy in my corner I don’t think it will be long before my confidence and skill level increase. Martin has a way of teaching that even the layman can understand, he explains what he is doing and why, how to use something and why and his passion for what he dose best flows though each stage of the demo like a running tap….. the way he makes time to answers questions during and after each demo is outstanding, he truly is a credit to the turning community that he belongs to. I for one cannot wait until the next demo.

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