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What Viewers are Saying…

(Back to the top) Viewers of my live demonstrations have been incredibly vocal in their feedback! Thank you! Below are the testimonials that have been added to the site in response to the live demonstrations. Have you watched one? Let me know what you think HERE.

Excellent Demo

Martin, yet another excellent demonstration tonight using your metal in fill.

Mike Willis
Thursday 22 October, 2020

Brilliant Night, great presentation

This was the first remote demonstration that our club Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners had held, and some 50+ members “tuned in” to watch, and am I sure that everyone benefitted from this superb demonstration. Thank you Martin.

Jeff Ellis Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners
Thursday 22 October, 2020

My thoughts on live demos

Hi Martin
My thoughts are you are doing a fantastic job and its nice to see things going wrong from time to time it shows myself that as a newbie to turning that when things go wrong its not always done too me it could be unseen problems ( like the monkey puzzle). So from my point of view you are doing a great job considering all the stuff you got going on.

Peter Alan Lake
Thursday 22 October, 2020

Just a note to thank

Just a note to thank you for the superb presentation to the Ely Guild on July 1st. First class presentation with lots of useful tips. Thank You once again.

Chris Edwards
Saturday 4 July, 2020

Sucessful Evening

I hope this has opened the gates for many more Zoom demos and could become part of the yearly programme. I noticed that there were 35 members taking part which made it such a successful evening.

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Good substitute

Thanks for last night, i was very impressed with the demo, the technology, and the general feel of the meeting. It was much more personal than I had imagined and a good substitute for the real thing. (With the added advantage with the video turned off of a refreshing glass of a rather nice Kiwi Sauvignon!)

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Well explained

Thanks for organising last nights demo, well done. I thought it was great especially the way he explained the angles of the gouge etc., no visiting demonstrator has ever gone into this to that length.

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Great Job!

I thought the demo was excellent. Martin has put a lot of time and thought into his presentation. The graphics showing chisel angles were so helpful. Great Demo.  Martin was so full of information and gave it so clearly, I learned quite a bit.

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Looking forward to the next one

A big thank you for organising last night. It was an excellent demo for all levels as I’m sure that most of us learned something new. I know I did.  Looking forward to the next one.

Saturday 4 July, 2020

A Good Teacher

First I’d like to say thank you for organising the live zoom demo the other evening. I’ve been coming to the meetings a little while now and was beginning to get to the point where I was gaining enough confidence to experiment on my lathe when the shutdown occurred – I am a total beginner so need all the help I can get. I appreciate the members are from a wide range to experience and expertise but for a beginner this was an excellent session. It was so helpful to watch a project demonstrated showing the stages undertaken. I was particularly struck by the fact that Martin understood a lot of the problems that beginners have and was able to show why these occurred and how to avoid/repair them. I thought the combination of demo and overlay graphics excellent.

I have spent the last 25 years teaching and I know a good teacher when I see one. Please pass my thanks to Martin. I enjoy the learning and social aspects of our live meetings but can see there are real plusses
to this style of demo/teaching.

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Answered my Questions

I thought it was an excellent presentation and yes it was easier for all to see what was going on than at a club night demonstration. Initially I thought that many of our experienced and expert turners would feel as if someone was trying to teach granny to suck eggs; but Martin’s graphics and explanations of the process and mechanics of wood turning answered many questions.  I now know what I have been doing wrong…!

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Absolutely Brilliant

I’m now looking forward to the next one. Martin’s presentation and instructions/tips were brilliant, and whilst at the beginning I thought ‘oh not another bowl’, he gave an insight into methods that I and probably my colleagues had not thought of. Absolutely brilliant.

Saturday 4 July, 2020

Absolute Beginner

Having seen this demo on Bowl Turning for beginners it has given me the knowledge to go of and try for myself,
using basic tools and an understanding of the safety issues involved with woodturning.
Thank you Martin for this excellent demo.

Mr Andrew S Lauben-Pearson
Wednesday 10 June, 2020


A great demonstration going through the sanding grits, sealing and polishing. The explanations answered a lot of question. It was a joy and so easy to watch the demonstration. I attach result of following your way and jumping intermediate grits on a birch ply dish I turned.
Thanks for a great tuition.
All the best

John Charnley
Monday 8 June, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1803

Although I’m not a complete beginner, I’m nowhere near well experienced and so Martin’s demonstrations always give me that bit more useful information I can take away. In this particular demo, Martin explains the tools, the shapes of the cutting ends and how they are to be safely employed, all with the addition of useful on-screen graphics. He allows time for questions and goes the extra mile to be sure that the group get to see all relevant steps, even if it means his time on screen is extended. Using ZOOM is a good medium as it means things can be shown to Martin for him to comment on, or if you wish, a message can be sent as apposed to being on screen which some people may not be happy about. It also means that it can be kept lighthearted when appropriate. All together, a useful session and Martin presents in a very seasoned, professional manner

Nigel Oram
Saturday 6 June, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1888

I was a bit apprehensive prior to the demonstration due to having no prior practical experience of wood turning. However, my apprehension was soon unfounded. It was well seen Martin had spent a considerable amount of time developing slides depicting various methods and or different gouges. These slides proved to be very useful. The atmosphere was friendly and no question was to small. And the inclusion, at a later date, of crib sheets to refer to at a later date is a bonus. Keeping up the good work Martin

Dave Bradford
Saturday 6 June, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1899

I spent another enjoyable evening learning the basics of turning a bowl. This followed on well from the previous weeks demo for beginners regarding wood-turning tools. We were taken through the process at just the right speed with opportunities to ask questions regularly during the session. As it was aimed at beginners no-one felt that they couldn’t ask even a basic question. The on screen graphics really helped to enhance the explanations that Martin was giving and the use of several cameras at different angles was very helpful and you really felt you were getting personal tuition. I particularly found the camera set up further away showing how Martin stands was useful as it clearly showed how to hold the tool and how to move the whole body for certain cuts of the wood. As a new wood-turner I tend to stand very stiffly, gripping the tool too hard! As always Martin was very generous with his time, happy to answer as many questions as were asked and to show something again if anyone needed him to. I would highly recommend these demo’s to any new wood-turners out there. Thanks again Martin.

Alison Oram
Saturday 6 June, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1802

I really found this demonstration useful and it was perfect for any beginners out there. The on screen graphics and explanations were very clear and what really helped was the use of several cameras covering different views, so that as the viewer it was easy to see exactly how the tool should be presented to the wood. The option of being able to ask questions throughout the demonstration was great and as it was aimed at beginners no one felt they couldn’t ask even a basic question. Martin was also very generous with his time and happy to answer as many questions as were asked at the end. Thanks for a great demo!

Alison Oram
Saturday 6 June, 2020

Review #1801

Hi Martin,
Thank you for an excellent evening on the basic woodturning tool set.
Your style of teaching made the whole evening very informative, serious where it needed to be in reference to the roughing gouge and very much lighthearted and funny banter with participants and with your moderator Phil joining in when necessary, made the whole thing easy to watch and learn.
To be honest all of my knowledge on turning so far has come from you, after watching quite a few video’s and live sessions on your YouTube channel.
Questions asked were answered I thought in a very concise way and came over in a non patronising manner.
Did not realise how quickly it all went till you said goodbye, no idea it over ran.
Can not wait till the Bowl Turning Evening on Tuesday 2nd June.
One last thing I would like to say thank you for is giving your time to put these sessions on also including the live ones during this time of uncertainly going on in the world.

Mr Andrew S Lauben-Pearson
Saturday 6 June, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1822

Really helpful tutorial, fully explaining the basics tools and their “correct” uses, with a chance to ask questions and watch demonstrations. Really enjoyed getting a professional guidance and advice.. looking forward to the next one.

Simon Mason
Saturday 6 June, 2020


Great demonstration going through the grits to get a great finish. You made it a joy to watch.
Tried myself on birch plywood and it works beautifully.

John Charnley
Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Beginners Woodturning tool guide and demonstration

I joined Martin (and about 30 others) via Zoom for this introduction and demonstration on the basic 6 woodturning tools. It was logical, clear and Martin was keen to ensure that our queries were answered as we progressed. A great introduction to the tools which appear to work “magic” in Martin’s hands! Well worth it.

Doug Townshend
Monday 1 June, 2020

Sharing the love of his craft

thank you very much for this demonstration ..i learned a lot and it is very well done , not boring but very entertaining ,you really transmit across the love you have for your craft while still understanding those who never did it and you put yourself at their level to pass your message accross.
well done . keep on doing what you do best and STAY SAFE

gerard dubois
Monday 1 June, 2020

A huge thank you …

Martin gave the clearest introduction to woodturning tools that I have encountered in quite a few years of on / off trying to start turning and sitting in on all sorts of demonstrations. For each basic tool he explained its physical composition and showed how it was used on the lathe. Watching his demonstration felt like coming out of the darkness – especially on oft-mentioned subjects such as grain direction, bevel rubbing and catches. Martin patiently and carefully explained and demonstrated everything, fully addressing our questions and checking throughout that we understood. The wide angle and close up camera / video shots during the online demonstration made everything so much clearer. Really helpful pictures were overlaid on the screen as needed (e.g. highlighting and naming each part of a tool). There was a lot on the safety aspects, with the right amount of warning to ensure that we are likely to approach the lathe with due respect.

This online demonstration showed very clearly how much benefit there is in online interactive demonstrations / tuition, when it is done by someone who is a talented and engaging tutor and with a good camera set up. It also helped that Martin had an able and experienced wing man (Phil Boulter) to keep a check on proceedings and add to the commentary.

Finally, it was really helpful to be able to return to the video of the demonstration later to watch it through again thoroughly and make full notes for future reference.

Vicki Miller
Monday 1 June, 2020

Good learning from a great delivery.

As a complete newbie to the world of turning, discounting a bowl made 40 plus years ago at school, this was a session approached with a fresh note pad and an open mind.

The pre-session admin was very efficient.

The session itself was very well structured with multiple cameras set up to ensure clear views of the action, along with well produced graphics to illustrate the matters under discussion.

The main highpoint was Martins teaching style. Well paced, clear, and detailed without being overwhelming. Very focused on establishing, and reinforcing, safe working practice. Careful choice of camera viewpoint ensured that the practical demonstrations were observed from the best angle, in many cases better than you could safely get if you were physically present!

The use of an intermediate facilitator ensured that all questions were answered, with many taken and the answer practically demonstrated.

Martins very matter of fact approach, and his openness about tools not often used and areas that he did not actively work in, only added value, and reinforced the need to be ‘skills aware’ when working around the lathe. One of the key safety messages “If you are not sure, Stop” resonated with many of the audience who were also new to the lathe.

All in all, from first contact, through delivery, and in follow up, a really comfortable learning experience, delivered in a relaxed, efficient and easily assimilated style.

Thank you Martin

Phil Abraham
Saturday 30 May, 2020

How to use the basic set of tools.

I have been turning for three years, mostly self taught. I have broken a roughing gouge and didn’t know why until last night. I was still using the tool incorrectly, even after three years. The delivery, both pace and contents were done in such a professional manner that you never felt as if anything was too much. Brilliant session and signed up for the next one.

David Robertson
Saturday 30 May, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1738

This seminar was fantastic. Thank you for taking an enormous amount of your time to present this to us. The content was excellent and your teaching style was such that I signed up for the bowl turning webinar as soon as I got the information. Thank you again for answering so many of my questions. I feel a lot more comfortable with my lathe now.


Frank Faubert
Saturday 30 May, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1737

What a great evening learning some of the basics about a few of the different basic tools in a really relaxed atmosphere. This along with other live demos has given me a lot more confidence about giving turning a go. I think the zoom medium was an ideal way to participate in this class in the current covid situation and gave everyone a chance to interact and ask questions. Well done!

Helen Bowstead Stallybrass
Saturday 30 May, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1642

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming ‘Bowl Turning For Beginners’ class on June 2nd.
I plan to put a bowl blank on my lathe, follow Martin’s instruction in real time, while creating my own bowl.
I attended today’s ‘Woodturning Tools For Beginners’ on Zoom. Very fun, interesting, and educational. Martin is a great instructor, and knows his stuff.
Martin is at the top of the list of woodturning teachers. He puts a lot of thought and work in the preparation and hosting his classes.
Thank you Martin for everything you do. I hope to meet you at the AAW Symposium in Omaha, Nebraska next year.

Scott Hampton
Saturday 30 May, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1736

Excellent demonstration. Great camera work and clear audio. I will be signing up for the next bowl demo. Thanks Martin

Michael Byrd
Saturday 30 May, 2020

WooCommerce Review #1730

Now I would be the first to admit I’m not the sharpest gouge on the shelf nor can I call myself a tuner (yet), but with this guy in my corner I don’t think it will be long before my confidence and skill level increase. Martin has a way of teaching that even the layman can understand, he explains what he is doing and why, how to use something and why and his passion for what he dose best flows though each stage of the demo like a running tap….. the way he makes time to answers questions during and after each demo is outstanding, he truly is a credit to the turning community that he belongs to. I for one cannot wait until the next demo.

laurence griffin
Saturday 30 May, 2020

Beginners Bowl Turning video

I’m a journeyman in bowl turning. Not new, but not super experienced. I found Martin’s explanations
and overlays most helpful. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. He has put a lot of effort into camera angles and Overlays that help follow the discussion and techniques. Keep up the great work.
You are a teacher for all of us.

Tom Grillo
Monday 25 May, 2020

Recently learned of your live

Recently learned of your live demonstrations and have thoroughly enjoyed them while learning so much. Your ability to answer questions from turners with various levels of experience, in language that all can understand, is a testimonial to your teaching skills. Keep up the excellent work.

Francis Marro
Monday 18 May, 2020

Hi Martin. After a 15

Hi Martin. After a 15 year absence from the lathe I’ve returned to it since Christmas. I was self taught using Keith Rowley’s book…….that was before CDs and Videos were rare! So finding you on U Tube at the beginning of lock down was a breath of fresh air: some of those yanks don’t half bang on! There are some good ‘uns but you need to be selective. I’ve enjoyed many of your clips. I was looking forward to the Live beginners finishing, which you Had to cancel but the Finishing Excellence was great and very informative. Hope to pop and see what you’re up to tomorrow but I have a piece of walnut on the large which was blown down on our farm over 20 years ago and is now destined to be a pepper mill! ? Love wood, love it even more if I know the providence! Thank you for the inspiration, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you. Stay well, stay healthy and stay sane during these challenging time! Best wishes Charlie in Co Waterford

Charlie Chavasse
Monday 18 May, 2020

Educational and Fun

With the implications of lockdown Martin embarked on producing a live video. I have watched almost all of his pre recorded videos to learn what I could and have been fortunate in being able to have a days tuition with Martin in his workshop. My self taught skills were enhanced tremendously with Martins tuition and so I was keen to watch a live broadcast. Martin has a great sense of fun that he adds to his excellent way in delivering tuition in a professional but laid back manner. He doesnt cut corners and some life demos have been 2+ hours with lots of Q & A moments with live chat. It almost like having one to one tuition but from the comfort of your own home. He regularly attracts audiences of three to four hundred viewing the live broadcasts from around the globe.. Martin provides great tuition and entertainment completely free of charge because he feels he has an obligation to promote safe and skillful woodturning. Hopefully Martin will be doing some more live sessions but for now, he deserves a break. Thank you Martin for all you have given us. It was my pleasure to meet you and learn on the one to one day and you continue to teach and inspire. Kindest regards to you and the family.. Brian. (aka Buster)

Brian West
Wednesday 13 May, 2020

Thank you

In these unpredictable and unprecedented times you have been no less than a blessing. I am unable to go outside and have been house bound for the last five weeks. You have maintained and improved my interest in wood turning. I sincerely hope that you are well and above all, stay well. You have kept me sane…thank you so much. Your presence on the screen is both professional and informative and you definitely portray a philanthropic disposition. I wish I could do something for you………
I was hoping to see you at the Sittingbourne Axminster store in July, but that now looks very unlikely.

Well done you……

Made these this week…….

Wednesday 13 May, 2020

Finishing like Glass

Hi Martin
I thoroughly enjoyed your 3 live demonstrations regarding colouring and finishing and found them very instructive. I would complement you on your presentation skills and covering how to properly present the tools to the wood and also the perils of wrong presentation. Additionally, your clear and concise advice on the various finishes, what to avoid and the possible repercussions of overlaying finishing materials with a different base. Your comments on turning the base and finishing either a spigot or dovetail caused me to reconsider how I was doing it. I can well understand why you are held in such high regard as a demonstrator. Well done and thanks.

Alistair Thomson
Wednesday 13 May, 2020

How come I knew so little?

Watched a demonstration on Saturday by Martin, last in a trilogy about glass like finishes. I have been hobby turning for three years, self taught, and I thought I had the basics sorted. How wrong could I be? Watching the demonstration showed me first of all why my finishes were poor, but secondly and more importantly there was so much additional information. Little things from how and when to change the angle of the chisel, why cloths were a safety hazard and how to work the sanding tools correctly.
I took notes because I couldn’t keep all of the additional information in my head when there was more coming thick and fast. I wanted to make sure that this demo wasn’t a one-off so I had a look at how to use the ProEdge Sharpener. No one had ever advised me what the triangle bit was for, didn’t know that there was an extra long cylinder, I had been provided with the single hole one which didn’t work for the fingernail profile.
Martin has a lot of demonstrations on YouTube which I will be watching and taking notes from. It shows tremendous generosity and the way Martin works that as a professional turner gives his time, knowledge and advice to so many hobby turners. Thank you, now I have a bowl to watch being coloured.

David Robertson
Monday 11 May, 2020

Escape from reality!

The last few months have been difficult for everyone across the country but Martin’s online live demos have really helped get me through! I work in the NHS and have found tuning in for the live demos has really helped me to relax and wind down from the day job. The demo’s are interesting and informative but also have a lighthearted approach with the ‘banter’ from everyone who tunes in. I love the way Martin can interact with the audience, it makes us all feel involved in the process. It is clear how hard Martin works putting these demos together and he has brought a lot of pleasure to people across the globe and allowed us all to ‘switch off’ from the real world problems for a few hours each week. Thanks Martin for keeping us all entertained.

Alison Oram
Monday 11 May, 2020


I’d like to thank you for your informative and well presented vids. It’s not until I saw your “Making sapele interesting 1” did I truly understand the presentation of the bowl gouge onto the wood. The use of your graphics and the close-ups really put me straight. So much so; I went to my “man cave” and made my first bowl using my 3/8 gouge, (mainly). It was a joy to behold(en). Thank you Martin, well instructed sir. 🙂

Bryan Holden
Monday 11 May, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has seen many people changing things up a gear in order to alter their way of doing things.
In the world of woodturning, nobody has worked harder and adapted faster than Martin, who has seized the opportunity to reach more people and share his skills with turners of all experience and ability. Being in real time from the beginning of a project to the end, warts and all, his live demos are perfectly-paced and he takes the time to explain everything he is doing step-by-step, answering as many live-chat questions as he can along the way with clarity and humour.
If necessity is the mother of invention, I really think that the circumstances we find ourselves in have created the beginning of a readily-accepted new phase of woodturning, taking the hobby out of village halls (although there will always be a place for that once we can mingle again) and direct in to living rooms and workshops around the world.
Martin is at the forefront of that and he has every right to be proud of his achievements.

Muzzy Woodsmithery
Thursday 7 May, 2020

I have watched every live

I have watched every live demo Martin has done, they are superb learning opportunities mixed with good repartee both from Martin and the accompanying chat. Keeping us all sane during these trying times.

Edward Weeks
Thursday 7 May, 2020

Fanatical! The finish and demo!

Martin, just like your finishing products your demos are Fantastic! You put together a great line up of demonstrations and you setup each one brilliantly. I never feel like I’ve attended a a crowded space. It’s like gathering with friends to learn a new technique and not a lecture. I’ve attended several now and feel I have always gained from each one. Needless to say I’d love to meet you in person, shake your hand and have a go at turning something. I hope to book a lesson when this distancing is over. Thanks again for the great lessons, answering any and all questions and letting the chat group be real and fun. Cheers, Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle
Monday 4 May, 2020

WooCommerce Review #195

Martin did a demo for the Kennet Valley, Berkshire and Surrey clubs and we had a grand evening, very enjoyable and educational at the same time.
The views of tool presentation and screen overlays to reinforce the point were spot on and really helpful, something viewers were keen to comment on afterwards.
Martin made it easy to ask questions and they were all answered fully, this helped to bring the audience into the demonstratrion even though they were sat at home.
All in all a very worthwhile evening and the first one – *not* the last one!!

Phil Boulter
Saturday 2 May, 2020

Thank you!

Brilliant demonstrations, Martin. Looking forward to shaking your in person some day. Keep us in mind when you want to do your tour of the States – lancasterareawoodturners.org would be honored to sponsor a demo. Loved the Saturday morning shows, but appreciate your schedule change and I get to watch when work permits. Be safe and keep up the great work! Mike J (GermantownBred)

Michael J Jungkurth
Thursday 30 April, 2020

Pastel Shades


I have watched both of your pastel shades live demonstrations on you tube and have loved not only the pieces, but your whole format; you give clear, concise explanations of what and why you are doing things a certain way, you engage with your viewers and take the time to answer questions that we raise.

The set up you have is absolutely amazing as is all the work you have put in behind the scenes, including programming the overlays, research, development and all the improvements, which are on-going. With each live demonstration I can see progress and it is very much appreciated.

Thank you.


Ligia Rodrigues
Saturday 25 April, 2020

Love the live demos

Love the love demos. I have learned so much in watching the excellent presentations and hope I can master the skills you are teaching. My first lesson was there is no need for speed and the second was no matter whose finishing products you use poor preparation will always shine through.
The pic a rippled sycamore using Martin’s danish oil and high shine wax. Any imperfections are solely the responsibility of the creator, I will keep trying to apply the lessons I am learning, keep it up Martin and I will keep watching.

Graham Taylor
Thursday 16 April, 2020

Last two live demo’s

As a new comer to wood turning, only starting last September. The last two live demo’ have help me in leaps and bounds, with the information and techniques you have showed us. Thank you very much.

James hooper
Wednesday 15 April, 2020

I think the live demo’s

I think the live demo’s are a fantastic way for people like me, who are relatively new to turning and get so much knowledge passed on at each demo. Martin is like a personal tutor whilst giving a demo to 200+ viewers. Always willing to answer questions and give encouragement to others. Every demo I see I learn something new…..Mostly several things. I know when I get at my lathe I can use the techniques that I’ve seen on the demo and turn safely and fluently, which means I can enjoy my turning even more.

Colin Ball
Wednesday 15 April, 2020

Very Easy to Understand

Hi martin sorry to bother you ,i missed your live bowl demo but watched the repeat last night.just letting you know i loved it it was very infomative and was very easy to understand ,i have watched loads of bowl vids and none of them come close to yours superb keep up the good work

Martin Gill
Wednesday 15 April, 2020

Elegant Beginners Bowl

Hi Martin,
Unfortunately I was unable to watch the live feed on Saturday, however I did watch it on Saturday evening. I really enjoy these sessions that you put on for us and it’s something to look forward to during these days full of doom and gloom.
I have watched all of the live demonstrations that you’ve done and I have picked up lots of useful tips. I am purely a hobby turner and largely self taught from books, YouTube videos and demonstrations at woodworking shows etc. I don’t belong to a club, so therefore I find the demos that you put on of particular interest as you explain fully and in detail what exactly you are doing and why. I thought the Saturday demo was excellent, particularly with the new graphics that you have, it makes what you are showing us much easier to understand, particularly for new turners.
I have been turning for quite a few years now and unfortunately I do not spend as much time practicing as I would like, but I am of the opinion that there is always something new that one can learn and watching you inspires me to get into the workshop and make some shavings.
I also find the Q.A. sessions interesting as questions are asked that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of and it’s good to hear how you respond to them, as it may have particular relevance to things that I do.
I think that what you are doing is fantastic, as a lot of the videos on YouTube don’t have any explanation of what they are doing, it’s just a video of someone making something, okay it’s interesting to see the end result but it would be nice to hear how they achieve it.
I hope you will continue with the “live shows” for the foreseeable future, but understand that it takes a lot of time and preparation and when things get back to “normal” other commitments may become more of a priority and you may not have the time to produce these events.
In the meantime, you are doing a great job!!
Keep safe.
Best wishes,
Keith Callaway.

Keith Callaway
Tuesday 14 April, 2020

Shout out from Indiana, USA

I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I am an experienced woodturner and active in our local club (CICAAW.org). Your live demos are great. I always like to teach others and I realize you have a mixed audience. I like the way you describe what you are doing, the type of cuts you make, your coloring techniques etc. Keep up the detailed explanations. I like your work.
A question that I have is you frequently start a cut and stop to adjust the tool rest height. You sometimes do this several times. My question is how do you detect that the height isn’t “right”? I get that you visually try to set it, but a lot of times you just stop and change it. Can you “feel” it isn’t right buy the cut? I have tried to determine the differences of feel on tool rest height and I can’t notice anything.

Richard Parker
Tuesday 14 April, 2020

Hi MartinI find your live

Hi Martin
I find your live demos are made in a very professional kind. (And I have to admit that I learn a lot of thing I’ll use in my own demos, thanks).
Thank you ver much.
Stay safe

Matthias Bachofen
Tuesday 14 April, 2020

I find these demonstrations very

I find these demonstrations very informative.
They are delivered in a very easy style to watch.
I bought coloured materials at Harrogate and now I have the confidence to give it a go. Sadly I have run out of appropriate balnks, but I know where to get them from and will do so.
Please keep up the good work.

Michael Dench
Tuesday 14 April, 2020

The Best Way To Get Through Crazy Times

I was glad when Martin decided to start doing live streams as I have been watching his videos for a couple of years when I decided that I wanted to start woodturning when I retire.
These were the first ‘live’ things I had seen and I am so glad I started. It’s a bit like a drug, but in a nice way, once you have started, you are waiting for the next one to come along…. 🙂
I love the way Martin’s enthusiasm for the craft just pops out of the screen, a bit like how the grain pops when you add Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil or Sanding Sealer… He has always been like that though and he jut wants to pass it along to others which is wonderful.
A must watch when, and if, you can shoehorn it into the daily list of “things to do”. And it is truly global as well. I thought I was faintly exotic watching from Southern Spain but they come from all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Now that is popularity.

John Howard
Sunday 12 April, 2020

Recent Live Demonstrations

In my opinion the recent live demonstration have been a complete success and getting better each time. The atmosphere is not the usual video you are there with Martin working live. The chat panel makes it feel more like a virtual gathering in Martin’s workshop. Instructive, Informative and a lot of fun..Thank you

Brian West
Sunday 12 April, 2020

The Master Wood Turner at work

Martin does great demonstrations and it is not rushed in any way, he thoroughly explains everything in detail from start to finish. . The demo’s go on for longer than normal because of answering questions to his wood turning followers all over the world but that just shows how passionate Martin is towards what he does. Some pieces that I have seen him turn and finishes are out of this world. Thank you Martin.
Clive from Horley

Clive Gouger
Saturday 11 April, 2020

Attention to detail

Absolutely brilliant demo as usual, I am a new turner and still get regular catches due to poor tool presentation, today’s demo made perfect sense to me and I immediately went to my lathe to try it out. Still too many catches but a vast improvement. Absolutely loving wood turning, should have tried it years ago

Dave Stocks
Saturday 11 April, 2020

Hi Martin, since the start

Hi Martin, since the start of your live demos started I have been highly impressed and very much enjoyed the way you present the demo in a relaxed informal and very informative manner, even when things don’t go as planned, but that is part of the fun, it takes a lot to pry me from my usual TV ritual on an evening and weekend, that is not the case with your demos though, I look forward to seeing them and if needed ask a question or two, the Q&As are also very interesting as there are many different questions relating to many aspects of turning, so we are all learning from each others questions, you must be very proud of yourself to have achieved as much as you have in woodturning in such a short time, from the hampshire sheen productions to your teaching and demos, I think you have gathered quite a well knit family of turners with these live demos, so long may they continue beyond the lockdown, congratulations and very well done, I very much appreciate your hard work and support.

Ray Heaton
Saturday 11 April, 2020


Hello Martin
I recently found you on YouTube looking for ways to dye a project. I am always searching for new techniques. I have been turning for 9 years now and found your demos not only enjoyable but also learning new ways of doing something. I also find your interaction with the online audience enjoyable. Stay healthy and safe and keep up the incredible work.

Brian Newton
Saturday 11 April, 2020

Superb Webinars/Web-Based Demos

I have now attended 4 of Martin’s web-based demos. Every one was extremely well done.

While Martin’s woodturning skills are beyond question, I was totally impressed by his ability to teach. Each webinar was well structured. He has developed excellent graphics and uses them to reinforce key points in the demos. He schedules regular breaks during the demos to handle Q&A. Martin’s explanations and the way he manages the Q&A sessions clear up any confusion on the part of the attendees. Finally, his informal style of teaching makes the attendee feel like s/he are conversing with a friend rather than a teacher. As a result, the knowledge transfer is not only easy, it is very enjoyable. All-in-all, Martin’s ability to teach is superb.

Something that may not be apparent to the casual observer is Martin’s mastery of technology. His lighting, camera angles and integration of graphics at the touch of a button, make the webinar almost as good as attending the demo in person. Lastly, Martin’s preparation and setup for each webinar must take a tremendous amount of time. Each demo is superb. The integration of Martin’s instruction, graphics, and hands-on techniques is so smooth and transparent the attendees can hardly imagine the work that goes in to each.

In short, I would like give a “tip of the hat” to Martin on a job very well done!

Jon Minerich
Saturday 11 April, 2020


Hello Martin I think your demonstrations are excellent. I have only been turning for a few months and have learnt so much from them. The way you present them covers the beginners to the most competent turner. I can’t just be me who gets so much out of them, just look at the viewing figures. Thank you.

Steve Robbins
Saturday 11 April, 2020

Hi Martin, To days live

Hi Martin,
To days live demonstration was a most enjoyable experience, as indeed have all the others so far! I have learnt SO much from this series of presentations and look forward to each and everyone of them.
Your presentation style, Camera quality and graphics are first class.
The live presentations are a credit to your previous life in photography and graphics, and I look forward to seeing many more in the future, they give me great comfort in these difficult times.
Sincere thanks for all your efforts.
John Farnsworth, Edinburgh

John Farnsworth
Saturday 11 April, 2020

Very Enjoyable

Really enjoyed the demonstration and I thought the explanations of the techniques was first rate.

Martin Martin Shepheard
Saturday 11 April, 2020

Excellent demonstration videos

Hi Martin, watched the sharpening video earlier this week and now I’m saving up for the Robert Sorby Pro Edge system.
Your videos have helped me get started and given me ideas, I have only been turning for about 9 months but I’m looking at this as a way to keep busy in my retirement, I have sold some work already but mostly I give it away in exchange for wood.

Keep up the excellent work.


Lee Basham
Saturday 11 April, 2020


I have watched most of Martin’s videos and have always learnt a lot from them.
Since these live demos have been taking place I’ve learnt so much more!
A friend and I were due to attend one of the finishing courses but then the virus struck. The introduction of the live demonstrations from the workshop helped to ease the misfortune of missing the course.
The demos are great, my sanding and finishing has improved, my use of colour and application of final finishes has been transformed and I feel more confident to try new ideas and styles.
Martin presents in a very calm, level, friendly and clear manner. His knowledge and attention to detail is superb.
The benefits of the live demo is that the viewer is able to ask questions and get involved. Martin does his best to help.
The number of viewers is growing each time, a testament to the quality of workmanship being observed.
I for one am very grateful that Martin has taken the time to pass on his knowledge and expertise.

Thomas Croll
Friday 10 April, 2020

I recently took in the

I recently took in the Excellence in finishing demonstration. I was very pleased with the straight forward delivery of techniques and guidance provided. Your delivery was clear, concise and at time’s light hearted. Thank you for making my journey into turning a rewarding experience.

Ron Kisko
Sunday 5 April, 2020

Great entertainment

Martin just has a way to keep you entertained while teaching you his excellent techniques and how to use his brilliant products to achieve best results.
The YouTube live demos are just superb cant wait for the next one.
I have been turning three months and used his techniques to make my first coloured bowl.
Thank you Martin

Paul Ralph
Saturday 4 April, 2020

Great video program

I was logged on to the course the other night and was exceptionally pleased with your content, explanation and clear instructions. Plus you have a very good technique to be able to keep ones interest going the whole length of the transmission! It was an excellent video. I’m now preparing my “exam” pieces to submit, hopefully to obtain my certificate. Naturally I was disappointed not to visit you on the 29th due to this lockdown but the series of videos you have transmitted and the ones you have planned will be an excellent substitute and I’m looking forward to them all. You must be pleased with the viewing numbers as well. Well done Martin.

Peter Stanley
Saturday 4 April, 2020

Extraordinary Live Demonstration

Sadly a family emergency prevented me watching the live broadcast but Martin had recorded the lesson so I viewed it the next day. It was a fabulous video full of great content, instruction and guidance. I identified my own finishing technique was flawed and applying what Martin had demonstrated yesterday I was amazed at the excellent finish on a bowl I could now achieve. Thank you Martin

Brian West
Saturday 4 April, 2020

Hi Martin, Finally caught up

Hi Martin, Finally caught up on the recorded finishing demo and looking forward to cracking on with my demo pieces. Was on duty last night but kept an eye on the advanced finishing during my break and again, will catch up on the recorded version today.
The demonstrations you do are extremely professional, great fun and very informative.. Hopefully we will be through this time as soon as possible and you can return to your normal touring and earning a living for you and your family, but if time allows, would you consider continuing doing these on an Ad Hoc basis.
You have a very large and loyal following. Paid subscription would work for me. Anyway. GREAT shows, learned a huge amount including some finishing I was getting wrong. Thank You

Brian West
Friday 3 April, 2020

Martin’s performances are very instructive

Martin’s performances are very instructive and detailed. He answers as many questions as he can and passes an amazing amount of information at the same time. I have learned so much from him that I hope to improve my tuning in the future.
The recent videos for whilst we are staying at home are excellent to watch and the techniques are simple but produce amazing results (at least Martin makes them look easy !!)

Thank you for doing this Martin and you have inspired me to do more!!

Adrian Moore
Friday 3 April, 2020

Hi martin. I really enjoyed

Hi martin. I really enjoyed the demo last night. I was so impressed I decided to have a go and ordered some intrinsic paints. The sanding tool you were using, was it from simon hope? You made it look very impressive.

Fernley Tout
Friday 3 April, 2020

Hi Martin,Really enjoyed the excellence

Hi Martin,
Really enjoyed the excellence in finishing video on Tuesday evening. I for one found the video a perfect way to learn and hone my knowledge on sanding and finishing my work. All from the comfort of my favourite chair

I tried to donate but couldn’t seem to do it in a “live” video. It would be a great idea I think if you could make the live video’s a “pay to watch” when there is a certificate at the end. A small fee for your teaching does not sound unreasonable to me. After all it is your time and effort, and being self employed time is money. A nominal fee of just a pound or two is cheap, considering we your audience have learned from it. A hundred viewers at £2/head would certainly help you keep your business running in these uncertain times when you cannot go to do live demo’s.

Thursday 2 April, 2020

Fab demo on Tuesday. Learned

Fab demo on Tuesday. Learned so much.
Also enjoying putting into practice what I’ve learnt
Fingers crossed

Thursday 2 April, 2020

Enjoyed your demo this morning

Enjoyed your demo this morning (New Zealand time!).


Mark von Dadelszen
Thursday 2 April, 2020