Since the lockdown I have

Since the lockdown I have been to each and every live show and also looked up all on you tube etc., I have found Martin still of teaching suits me, as I tend to forget things, so often can be heard in my workshop talking to my self about what I am going to do and where i put something. I have learnt so much from him even thought I have been turning ,( hobbyist) for over 20 yrs. his style is clear and non threatening, i.e.” do it this way as the only way” from others I know. I applaud him for having the ability’s and confidence to put himself out there helping others without the how wonderful I am, and owning up when he has made a mistake.
good luck to you Martin I look forward to seeing more of your ideas and skills.

Keep up the good work

Just a quick thank you for all you do for us turners. Learning, entertainment and quality products. You have done a great job of turning a hobby into a business. I have made several purchases from Wood World of Texas. They are an honest company that ships quick. On a couple of occasions they have even refunded me part of the shipping cost because the original estimate was a bit high. Makes me want to continue doing business with them.

Your Finishing class was wonderful. I learned a lot and even got a new tool out of it. As the son of a commercial artist with no eye for art at all, you have made it so when I see a piece of wood I no longer think of round and brown, rather how can I make it into a unique piece of art.

Again thanks for all you do for all of us and keep it up. You are helping us learn and inspiring us to do more creative turnings.


Hi Martin…I imagine it’s very

Hi Martin…I imagine it’s very busy on your site given the amount of people who tune in!…but that’s good, for you.
Just got my selection of embellishing waxes through today so will have a crack with them at some point (just the little test pots) my wife and I enjoyed the video on the finishing and colouring and that bowl was incredible especially when you consider it before the colour being applied…that’s a good eye and skill you have.
You said somewhere that you were a professional photographer, and I’ll bet that’s where you get your creativity from. I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years (27 as a medical photographer) but now I’m retired so enjoying the chance to be creative too (can’t be creative photographing wounds!!) Your tuition is helping me so much so thanks again for doing these videos.