Thanks for the demo on Tuesday, very useful, learnt some valuable techniques. Especially liked the graphics showing cutting angles. Will certainly sign up for future events.

This was a very educational

This was a very educational course. Course leader Martin held a steady course throughout the course. He shows that he is very knowledgeable and good. Treat all participants with great respect with the way he responds to questions. Thank you very much Martin Best regards Kyrre Johansen

Thank you Martin for some great videos for a beginner

I would just like to thank you for your instructional videos for beginners, like myself. I retired (luckily at 58) and moved to Cumbria from Surrey 5 years ago. I started turning 4 years ago and got inspired by your videos. Starting with spinning tops and simple bowls. I now have commissions for various pieces, […]

A big thank you!

Martin, I used to work as a technology manager for a large industrial paint company. After I retired 8years ago, I gradually took up woodturning and am ( so far!) self taught. I have made many pieces and sold these for the benefit of our local village hall here in Catton, Northumberland. I have seen […]

Thankful for the instruction and inspiration you provide…

I rarely send these types of emails, but I just needed to say Thank You. For the inspiration you provide in your videos, as well as the fabulous products you developed (or helped develop?) I initially got into turning because I was interested in working with resin. Specifically, I wanted to make dragon eggs, a […]

If Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery …

I am a new woodturner and I have just found your You Tube videos. I would like to say you are about the only on I find on You Tube who follows the turning “Rules” found in Keith Rowley’s, “Woodturning, A Foundation Course”. I feel that I am seeing things done safely and properly when […]

Since the lockdown I have

Since the lockdown I have been to each and every live show and also looked up all on you tube etc., I have found Martin still of teaching suits me, as I tend to forget things, so often can be heard in my workshop talking to my self about what I am going to do […]

Keep up the good work

Martin, Just a quick thank you for all you do for us turners. Learning, entertainment and quality products. You have done a great job of turning a hobby into a business. I have made several purchases from Wood World of Texas. They are an honest company that ships quick. On a couple of occasions they […]

Hi Martin…I imagine it’s very

Hi Martin…I imagine it’s very busy on your site given the amount of people who tune in!…but that’s good, for you. Just got my selection of embellishing waxes through today so will have a crack with them at some point (just the little test pots) my wife and I enjoyed the video on the finishing […]