I’m not the sharpest gouge on the shelf

Now I would be the first to admit I’m not the sharpest gouge on the shelf nor can I call myself a tuner (yet), but with this guy in my corner I don’t think it will be long before my confidence and skill level increase. Martin has a way of teaching that even the layman can understand, he explains what he is doing and why, how to use something and why and his passion for what he dose best flows though each stage of the demo like a running tap….. the way he makes time to answers questions during and after each demo is outstanding, he truly is a credit to the turning community that he belongs to. I for one cannot wait until the next demo.

Excellence in Finishing

Hi Martin, I would just like to say a big thank you for all of your live demos and in particular to the Excellence in Finishing on line class which I found extremely useful and interesting. It was well put together and well explained, the photography was good as were the graphics that you had produced. All in all a first class couple of hours. I know how much work goes into this sort of production so really appreciate it. Thank You.

Extraordinary Certificate of Excellence in Finishing

I booked into Martins course, Extraordinary Certificate of Excellence in Finishing and produced a couple of pieces based on what was required and what we learned from him. Watching Martin on YouTube and doing this course has changed the way I work, I have only been woodturning a very short time and the enjoyment has been increased by the knowledge passed on from Martin’s professional skills in woodturning and teaching. I will definitely be visiting Martin for some training in the future and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to start or improve their woodturning.

Excellent Instructor for Excellence in Finishing

Watching Martin demo/teach his excellence in finishing was a wonderful treat. I’m very grateful for being able to be one of the ones able to watch this live durning this trying time of the COVID-19. He explains his work very well. His technique to finishing is like no other. I’ve learn a lot over the last couple of years watching all of his videos and here recently found myself trying to do the same. Maybe one day I’ll be able to actually see a live demo/teach instructional in person.

Sort of Demo cross Lesson

Sort of Demo cross Lesson Corvid-19 enforced live YouTube session. I have seen Martin demonstrate at Yandles back in the days when going out and standing next to people was an option, I also find myself at a point where my outlets can’t open so I don’t need to make stuff to put in them, never been great at selling online but have a few repeat customers who happily know what they want so are easy to look after, my workshop is on my premises so no restriction, so it is playtime.

It just so happens that I picked up tin of bronze embellishing wax and a tin of high gloss on recent day trips to Yandles (my registered pusher of desirable things) totally unrelated to Martin’s videos, The YouTube streams were mentioned on the Robert Sorby forum of which I am a moderator, so it would have been rude not to check them out… I am glad I did, bit of banter in the chat while Martin is busy, and Martin answering questions and passing on his valuable knowledge, for almost free! you can and should make some donation if you get something from it but it is going out to lots of people so it doesn’t need to be a massive cost to you.

I got involved just in time to do the Extraordinary Excellence in Finishing Course, the certificate for that is proudly displayed above my workshop door, of course you are not welcome in my workshop until further notice, but I sent Martin a picture which is on Facebook, I also got seduced into buying some Intrinsic Colours, couldn’t decide which one so went for the sample set.

The bowl I cut for the finishing course had the finish cut off it, then got coloured, my first ever colouring project. I know it isn’t great, but it is pretty good and I am keeping it! also I mostly remembered to put on my glove, except once.. now I have a plumb forefinger.

Anyway Martin is an excellent demonstrator, and I think a great teacher 10 years of round and brown one lesson on YouTube and I made this bowl. Get yourself on the schedule, check it out see what you think.