A big thank you!

I used to work as a technology manager for a large industrial paint company. After I retired 8years ago, I gradually took up woodturning and am ( so far!) self taught. I have made many pieces and sold these for the benefit of our local village hall here in Catton, Northumberland.
I have seen many of your U-tube videos and learned a great deal from them. I also met you briefly at one of the recent Harrogate Shows.
In light of the above I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the contributions you have made to the woodturning scene. I find these to be extremely informative. The contributions you have made have :-
1 ) Been very clear and concise in their presentation style and, refeshingly, delivered with humour whilst admitting mistakes/learning from them.
2) Covered a very wide range of subject matter relating to woodturning.
3) Proved to be very valuable recommendations for set up procedures, techniques and materials.
I have more recently taken up purchasing items from your company and have been very pleased with the service provided, as well as with the quality of the materials.
I only wish I lived nearer Hampshire as I would be very keen to take some lessons from you!!
I look forward to meeting you again when viruses permit!
I trust you and your family remain healthy and the company goes from strength to strength,
Crack on with the good work!
John Nunn

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