Elegant Beginners Bowl

Hi Martin,
Unfortunately I was unable to watch the live feed on Saturday, however I did watch it on Saturday evening. I really enjoy these sessions that you put on for us and it’s something to look forward to during these days full of doom and gloom.
I have watched all of the live demonstrations that you’ve done and I have picked up lots of useful tips. I am purely a hobby turner and largely self taught from books, YouTube videos and demonstrations at woodworking shows etc. I don’t belong to a club, so therefore I find the demos that you put on of particular interest as you explain fully and in detail what exactly you are doing and why. I thought the Saturday demo was excellent, particularly with the new graphics that you have, it makes what you are showing us much easier to understand, particularly for new turners.
I have been turning for quite a few years now and unfortunately I do not spend as much time practicing as I would like, but I am of the opinion that there is always something new that one can learn and watching you inspires me to get into the workshop and make some shavings.
I also find the Q.A. sessions interesting as questions are asked that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of and it’s good to hear how you respond to them, as it may have particular relevance to things that I do.
I think that what you are doing is fantastic, as a lot of the videos on YouTube don’t have any explanation of what they are doing, it’s just a video of someone making something, okay it’s interesting to see the end result but it would be nice to hear how they achieve it.
I hope you will continue with the “live shows” for the foreseeable future, but understand that it takes a lot of time and preparation and when things get back to “normal” other commitments may become more of a priority and you may not have the time to produce these events.
In the meantime, you are doing a great job!!
Keep safe.
Best wishes,
Keith Callaway.