Finishing course

Hi Martin
I thought the presentation was second to none, will all the right content, I know what it’s like to put a shift in as I am a Nurse at my local trust. Hence you certainly put a shift and a half in on last nights demo I for one as a beginner am very thankful.
I only watch certain turners YouTube such as yourself Mike Waldt and a great turner based in Cheshire.
My only regret is that you aren’t a lot closer so I could enjoy great learning tips.
There was only a slight downside I would suggest to split the course as it was to long 4 hours. I was happy with content however for yourself I feel it’s a big requirement from yourself. Maybe a couple of hours however I loved all the same. I’m just a beginner and finding my way everything is helpful I will be purchasing your products based on what I believe to be top class.
Cheers Martin for all that you do.