Improve your bowl turning.

This was an IRD, presented by Martin. It was aimed at beginner and competent turners. I myself have turned for many years, but I am always open to different styles of turning and I do get some mistakes that I would like to avoid making. Besides the the turning we started by looking the wood and can be attached to the lathe, again i learnt or was reminded of the proper way it should be done, familiarity breeds sloppy work. We then looked at the tools that would be used and the gouge size and grind . Discussion then followed about the benefits of using a tenon or mortar and how the wood should be prepared to accept attaching to the chuck and lathe.
Their always a lot of talk about turning the inside of the bowl, ie, inside to outside or visa versa, I learnt that for thin walled you should start from the outside and work in and for the thick walled inside out, this helps with stability of the turning as you progress.
I find Martin’s style of teaching as business like but also a willingness to hear the questions of the attendee’s , he tells us what and how he is going to teach and in what order, which help me personally as I need to make many notes so I do not get confused as to what I have written.
The finishes aspect of the turning wasn’t covered but explained with a promise of laying on another session another time to go through that in detail.
Excellent teacher, well timed and an extremely enjoyable 3 hours.
Thank you Martin.