The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has seen many people changing things up a gear in order to alter their way of doing things.
In the world of woodturning, nobody has worked harder and adapted faster than Martin, who has seized the opportunity to reach more people and share his skills with turners of all experience and ability. Being in real time from the beginning of a project to the end, warts and all, his live demos are perfectly-paced and he takes the time to explain everything he is doing step-by-step, answering as many live-chat questions as he can along the way with clarity and humour.
If necessity is the mother of invention, I really think that the circumstances we find ourselves in have created the beginning of a readily-accepted new phase of woodturning, taking the hobby out of village halls (although there will always be a place for that once we can mingle again) and direct in to living rooms and workshops around the world.
Martin is at the forefront of that and he has every right to be proud of his achievements.