Review #1801

Hi Martin,
Thank you for an excellent evening on the basic woodturning tool set.
Your style of teaching made the whole evening very informative, serious where it needed to be in reference to the roughing gouge and very much lighthearted and funny banter with participants and with your moderator Phil joining in when necessary, made the whole thing easy to watch and learn.
To be honest all of my knowledge on turning so far has come from you, after watching quite a few video’s and live sessions on your YouTube channel.
Questions asked were answered I thought in a very concise way and came over in a non patronising manner.
Did not realise how quickly it all went till you said goodbye, no idea it over ran.
Can not wait till the Bowl Turning Evening on Tuesday 2nd June.
One last thing I would like to say thank you for is giving your time to put these sessions on also including the live ones during this time of uncertainly going on in the world.