Humble Thanks to 12 Turners Who Have Inspired Me

It will come as no surprise to people when I suggest that most ideas are not completely original. Somewhere down the line, there has been a seed of inspiration planted in your mind to do something, and this post gives my most humble thanks to those who have inspired me to create what I have done so far in my turning career.

Personally speaking, I am acutely aware of where the inspiration for my pieces comes from and will always give a shout out to the source of that inspiration in the project video or blog post. It doesn’t matter if I have added a massive twist to the original inspiration or done my best to imitate the original in an homage to the originator, I give credit where credit is due.

So, here is a list (in no particular order) of twelve creators who have inspired me and in some cases, I am in awe of their talent:

Click on their pictures to visit their websites or YouTube channels.

Mike Waldt – Like many, many other turners, Mike has been the source of inspiration and excellent tuition, and I am now pleased to say that he and I have a close friendship, not least with the organising of the UK & Ireland Woodturning Symposium.

Carl Jacobson – It’s no surprise that Carl is here with Mike. I think Carl was the second turner I discovered on YouTube. The variety of his turnings continues to encourage me that there’s more to turning than just a bowl. There are myriad things to turn and make.

Yuval Lahav – From somewhere in Italy, Yuval grabbed my attention with his beautiful creations, and most recently with his Jembe Drum ongoing project. His approach to turning seems so laid back, he is a pleasure to watch.

@woodbug1 – Chris Fisher on Instagram has blown me away day-in-day-out with the extraordinary turnings coming from his mind. His work is something I greatly aspire to. Seeing his posts appear is like a breath of fresh air.

@gingerwoodturner – The forms created by Franz Keilhofer in Germany are simple and beautiful. A lot of natural edge pieces wonderfully turned and equally wonderfully photographed by his girlfriend @label_herzflimmern.

@fromaseed – An Australian woodworker who does a lot of turning, Andrew Daniels’ work is both as elegant as it is stunning. Wonderful use of colour and texture on simple, pure lines.

@thewalnutlogstudio – Jeff Hornung has been pushing his boundaries recently and has produced some really fabulous pieces. His ring box from December was the inspiration behind my own three piece ring box from early February.

The Wyoming Woodturner – Sam Angelo is a delight to watch. His instruction and demonstration of technique is brilliant. I love his work from the huge wall hanging burr to the tiny boxes, not to mention the colouring and texturing tutorials.

Templeboy Turnings – Steve Twydell pushes boundaries like no-one else I’ve seen. By turning CD’s, pencils, copper pipe and bashing aluminium into a bowl blank, the experimental nature of his turnings is inspiring to push my own creative boundaries.

Dipa Das – Possibly one of the most chilled out presenters I’ve come across, Dipa’s work from the depths of the (I think) the Czech Republic climb to the top of what I would call wood-art. Amazing titled forms, Dipa creates from his heart and soul.

Tom Stratton – Tom hasn’t posted much in a while, but it is him who put me onto coffee grind infills for cracks which I took onto my own makers mark before moving on to powered metals.

Nick Agar – I don’t think there is a colourist or texturist turner anywhere that hasn’t been influenced and inspired by Nick Agar. His work is beyond the realms of every-day turners and concentrates on the sculptural. Nick is a constant source of inspiration, and to thank for being the seed of the idea of my ‘Golden Fire‘ piece.

And there you have it. Twelve of those turners out there who have (perhaps unknowingly) helped me get going. There are more of course, but twelve is enough for now. So to those listed above, and to those not on this list, Thank You.

Who do you find inspiration from?
Doesn’t matter who it is, or where so long as they inspire you and your turning. Share a link and info in the comments section.

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